Welcome to Gacharu Water Project

 The Gacharu Water Development project was inspired and founded by  Reverend Benson Kimaru and his wife Elizabeth Mbure Kimaru to provide safe drinking water for the region. Since then many other people have taken up the cause and now have become a registered charity in Kenya.

With your HELP we can create a safe and easier environment for future generations.

Bishop Daniel Munene Ngoru of Kirinyaga Diocese plants a tree during the launching service of the Gacharu Water Project. 

Gacharu water development is a charity founded to ensure that Gacharu community in Kirinyaga, Kenya will access safe water and sanitation. This is a basic right for human beings. The charity would also like to empower this community with water for irrigation as this creates an environment of health in the society.

Bishop Daniel M Ngoru blesses the commemorative plaque to launch Gacharu Water Project on 27.02.10. 

 Villagers digging a trench for the water pipes

 Newspaper article for all those going to Kenya to visit and help the Gacharu village.

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